Graphic Design

ALZi produces videos for all kinds of purposes.

Our focus is on high quality production to create a premium and professional product.

We do:

+ Adverts
+ Promotions
+ Introductions

The process is in 4 stages:

1. Firstly we gather all the requirements from you
2. We then provide a quote with details of all the costs
3. We start work on the design
4. We provide a demonstration of the finished product

After this process, if you are happy with the product then we will publish the work.

If further work is required, we raise a Change Request and repeat the cycle again.

Please note: The time it takes to go through this cycle completely depends on the requirements that have been given.

The costs of video work depends on the requirements.

However, the starting price for any project is around £350.

50% of the price is due at the start of the project, and 50% is due before work is sent.

Each change (revision) is charged from £12 upwards depending on the change.

Please read through and agree to our Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

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