Terms & Conditions

1.1 We shall use our reasonable endeavours to make sure that the content of any pages designed by us are accurate according to your instruction, but it is your responsibility to check all content and to notify us of any errors so that we can correct them. We will not be liable for any losses or problems arising from errors or omissions. If the error is significant, or is found after app submission – a fix may result in an additional cost dependent on the time it takes. Any errors caused on our part will be fixed at no additional charge.

1.2 You pledge that the copyright ownership of any graphic, logo or other material supplied to us is yours, or that appropriate permission to publish such material has been obtained. All material is accepted on the express condition that the supplier of the material guarantees that it does not violate any provisions of the relevant Trade Descriptions legislation.

1.3 Your app may only be used for lawful purposes. We shall not be liable for any posting, transmission or reception of information which infringes UK or international laws or regulations, or which infringes any third party rights. You accept full liability for all material designed or published on your behalf.

1.4 We reserve the right to use examples of apps created by us for our own promotional purposes. We also reserve the right to use elements of any design (we will not use the content) created by us again in other apps that we design. We reserve the right to place our logo, company name and link in an app that we provide and within an app description.

1.5 We endeavour to complete your app design within an agreed timeframe from the point of receiving the content that is required to be added to the app. In unusual circumstances, we may exceed this timeframe by a reasonable amount. We are not responsible for a delayed delivery if it is due to receiving the content or requirements late.

1.6 After agreeing upon an app design with the specifications that you have provided, any further changes or new requirements made will need a Change Request to be submitted and then a quote of the cost will be given depending on how long the change will take.

1.7 Any design requirement will be implemented to the best of our ability. There may be rare instances where the requested design requirement is not practically possible to implement.

1.8 Design, logos, icons, graphics and artwork will be completed based on requirements you have provided with two revisions only. Further revisions may result in an additional cost.

1.9 Both Apple and Google take a 30% or more (depending on the tax of each country) from every app sale. This is subject to change and is outside the control of our company.

1.10 The apps will be tested on an iPhone 4s for iPhone development, iPad 2 for iPad development, Orange San Francisco 2 for Android Smartphone development and a Google Nexus 7 for Android Tablet development – depending on which platforms have been agreed. Functionality is guaranteed to work optimally on these test devices only running the iOS 6 and Android 4.0 Operating Systems.

1.11 Support is available for 60 days after the app has been published. App Updates will require a Change Request.

1.12 Payment is payable via Direct Transfer. A deposit is due at the start of app production. The remaining payment is due prior to app submission.

1.13 App demonstrations are made via two screencasts throughout development. Further demonstrations may be requested at an additional cost.

1.14 Apple will take time to approve the app depending on the complexity and content of the app. We are not responsible for delays caused by Apple’s approval process. We are not responsible if Apple or Google decide to reject or remove the app from sale. We will work with you to re-submit the application in such a scenario, and a quote may need to be made for the extra work involved.