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The reseller programme is for Mobile App Development and works in the following way:

1. You advertise App Development services on your website, social media and marketing material.

2. As customer enquires arrive, you take down requirements and send it on to us. If it is a feasible project, we provide a quote.

3. If the customer decides to go ahead with the project, you take 50% of the quoted price and we deliver the project.

Please note:

+ We sell services to the reseller at a discounted price.

+ We bill the reseller and the reseller bills the clients.

+ We only deal with you the reseller, we do not collect money from your clients.

+ There is no setup charge.

+ A deposit of 50% of the quote must be taken from the customer before work can commence. The remainder of the quote must be paid before the app is published.

+ For more about our app development services, please read this link.

+ If approved, there is a contract to be signed between us and the reseller.

Become a Reseller

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