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ALZi design and develop mobile apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch) and the Google Android platform.

Mobile apps can be used to generate revenue. This can be done by selling an app or/and incorporating advertisements within the app.

Apps can also be used to generate customers. This can be done by making a useful app available for free, and incorporate your own company’s branding to direct them to your products or services.

The process is in 5 stages:

1. Firstly we gather all the requirements from you
2. We then provide a quote with details of all the costs
3. We start work on the design
4. We develop the mobile app and test it thoroughly
5. We provide a demonstration of the finished product

After this process, if you are happy with the product then we submit to the app store.

If further work is required, we raise a Change Request and repeat the cycle again.

Please note: The time it takes to go through this cycle completely depends on the requirements that have been given.

The costs of mobile app development varies considerably and it is based on the requirements. A simple app will cost much less than a complex app.

However, the starting price for any app is around £1250 (GBP) or $2000 (USD).

50% of the price is due at the start of the project, and 50% is due before the app goes live.

Support is usually offered for 60 days after the app goes live.

In this period, if any mistake is found which is caused by us, then this is fixed with no extra cost.

If there is a problem found which was not caused by us, a charge may apply to fix it.

Please read through and agree to our Terms and Conditions before proceeding.

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